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Collection «Exclusive»


Our life events follow each other with a rapid speed leaving no chance to stop them. Our brand designers took courage to seize the moment and create this fabulous jewelry set. Bright, colorful, elegant – it captures everyone’s attention at first glance.

Sakura Branch

The Oriental people observe the beauty around and they are always confident that this beauty is never eternal. Our company caught one of the moments and embodied it in this jewelry set. An exquisite necklace, earrings, a ring and a bracelet are decorated with elegant cincfoil flowers. Each is painted pink which symbolizes festival, spring and the beginning of new life. Five leaves of each flower grant five wishes – luck, welfare, longevity, joy and peace.


The cold and charming beauty of lotus flower inspired our brand designers to create the one-off transforming ring Lotus. This unique jewelry piece will highlight the intelligence and aristocracy of any lady.

Magic Flower

True magic helped our designers create this fabulous ring. An elegant combination of gold and gems make this jewelry piece a genuine piece of art. It can be transformed in two different ways: a pair of earrings and a ring can be truly laconic and also luxuriously framed with golden leaves.

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