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Zolotye uzory brand sums up 2017

07 June 2017
Zolotye uzory brand at JUNWEX New Russian Style Show
01 June 2017
Zolotye uzory brand at YEREVAN SHOW 2017
11 October 2017
Zolotye uzory brand at JUNWEX Moscow 2017
21 February 2017
Zolotye uzory brand at JUNWEX Saint-Petersburg 2017 trade fair
09 January 2017
Zolotye uzory brand: 2016
2017 was highly active, inspiring and creative for our brand. The team of Zolotye uzory introduced our product range at many international jewelry shows in Russia, China, Armenia, Kazakhstan.

We are especially proud of our exclusive jewelry sets that were highly acclaimed by the clients. Gold sets «Magic Flower» and «Blue Lagoon» received deserved awards and complemented private jewelry collections of our customers.

2017 awards:

Zolotye uzory designers created diverse collections: «The Russian Beauties», «Legacy», «Allegro», «Elegy», «Caprice», «Malena», «The Golden Symphony», «Paradise Islands», «Jasmine», «Classic», «Perfection», «Swarovski».

The new collections were appreciated by our clients
and seamlessly replenished our jewelry model range.
Zolotye uzory team is happily looking forward to 2018!
Our best wishes to our colleagues and clients!

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