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Zolotye uzory brand at YEREVAN SHOW 2017

30 May 2018
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09 February 2018
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10 January 2018
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30 November 2017
Zolotye uzory at JUNWEX YEREVAN SHOW 2017
29 November 2017
Zolotye uzory brand at the 29th International Jewelry Show ARU Astana
Zolotye uzory company came to Yerevan show for the second time and sure the commercial and exhibition attractiveness of Armenia contributed to that. Armenia has already become a perfect platform to reach the foreign customers.

Zolotye uzory brand introduced the new summer collections “Euphoria”, “Caprice”, “About love”, “Legacy”. They are all different but traditionally interconnected by the elegance of style and perfect quality.

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